Bun’s Bagels

Bagels Prepared with Love

Bagel and Coffee Shop

Bagels, Donuts, Specialty Coffee, and Italian Soda’s. We will do our best to tantalize your taste buds!

A Unique Experience

Bun’s Bagels are homemade and hand rolled, Kyle and Dan have taken years of experience and combined different recipes to give you the best of all worlds, their process takes place over many days and stages. Freshness and quality will keep you coming back and telling everyone “Their Bagels are a must have”.  A variety of culinary created cream cheeses which complement each bagel. It will be hard to choose which breakfast or lunch bagel sandwiches to indulge in, and to make it even harder a creative featured bagel says, “what is going to be my choice today”? Homemade variety of Doughnuts, Bismarck’s, and Fritters prepared only on certain days, limited quantity, you will want to get your order in and not be disappointed. If you haven’t tried the specialty coffee and sodas, you are in for an eye opener.  Put it all together and you will have a unique concept and experience.  The main floor coffee shop offers a place for you to sit down and enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the south shore of Emma Lake and beach or gather on the glassed-in deck. Hours vary according to season.

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Ph. 306-982-4422
(Hours vary according to the season.)