Experience the unparalleled opportunity to own Sunset Bay Resort, a premier Four-Season Family Vacation Destination nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan’s lakelands. Situated along the picturesque south shores of Emma Lake, just 50km north of Prince Albert, this gem awaits an astute investor ready to embark on a journey of prosperity and fulfillment.

Distinguished by its diverse array of income-generating ventures, Sunset Bay Resort encapsulates the essence of hospitality and leisure. In this article, we will touch on the features and benefits of this remarkable property:

Sunset Bay Resort Cabins at Emma Lake SK

Luxurious Accommodations: Our meticulously renovated lodge and cedar cabins offer a harmonious blend of modernity and rustic charm, providing a serene retreat for guests year-round.



LAUNDROMAT at Sunset Bay Resort, Emma LakeLaundromat: Our on-site coin-operated laundromat is a great asset, catering to the needs of both guests and residents alike within a 50km radius. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including commercial washers and dryers, it ensures a seamless experience for all.

Premier RV Sites: These meticulously maintained, fully serviced RV trailer sites have been in high demand since 1986. With essential amenities and scenic surroundings, they provide an unforgettable escape for our seasonal visitors.

Lakeside Dining Experience: With panoramic views of Emma Lake,  our two-story food service facility boasts a cozy ambiance complemented by a fully equipped kitchen and bar area, and it sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.

Marina: Our full-service marina features 70 moorage slips, a convenient Convenience Store, and a 25000lt environmental fuel tank. The Marina is a hub of activity in the summer season and caters to boating enthusiasts, beachgoers, visitors and adventurers alike.

Marketing: We have a modern, attractive, professionally built website that is well-indexed in all top-key Google searches. Our social platforms ( Facebook and Instagram)  have over 4000 fans and followers, and we are highly rated on Google and many other review sites. We have invested in professional marketing products and activities, which ensures consistent lead generation.

Sunset Bay Resort isn’t just a property—it’s a legacy meticulously curated and nurtured by dedicated owners since 1986. Whether you choose to maintain the status quo or embark on a journey of innovation, the possibilities are endless. With over 2 acres of prime commercial real estate ripe for redevelopment or expansion, the future holds boundless potential.

Words and images can only scratch the surface of what Sunset Bay Resort has to offer. We invite you to experience it firsthand to appreciate its many features and benefits truly. Schedule a viewing today and let the passion and pride invested in this extraordinary property speak for itself.

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Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of paradise at Emma Lake. Contact us today to make your lake resort dreams a reality.